Now I Know My ABCs

Now I Know My ABCs

Have you ever said one of the following or something along these lines:

  • I gotta get this right before I show it to anyone. 
  • It’s just not ready yet. 
  • I gotta tweak this last thing then I’ll be ready. 

Transparent moment: I have said all of those things and more. I have battled in my mind many times about starting, then sharing something publicly because I knew the world would be watching and would be ready to put me down. 

One of the things that I’ve learned in the last year and a half is that the desire for perfection is another way of procrastinating, which also stems from fear. 

I won’t ever forget the moment I realized that seeking a “perfect” point before launching my business could be cheating someone else from starting their healing or their moment of realizing that a mindset rehab could change their life. Yes, our goal is to always present our best, but we should not allow it to consume our minds so much that we lose sight of the intended purpose.

Allow me to share my ABCs with you when it comes to reshaping, refocusing, and reclaiming your time for your purpose. 

A is for attitude. I realize that the attitude that I come to the table with, determines the outcome that I desire. Give yourself an attitude check before starting anything, even a subconscious one because that one can be just as detrimental. Set the tone at the beginning and give yourself attitude adjustments along the way, if needed. 

B is for belief. I am a firm believer that having accountability partners and people who root you on, is important. However, I  am also a bigger believer that your voice has to be the absolute loudest in your head. What does that mean? Your belief in you MUST be “solid as a rock”. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? 

C is for consistency. I had to ask myself, what do I want from this and how important is it that I reach this goal? With those questions in mind, I had to make a decision and stay consistent. No matter what comes my way, or how it appears that the plan derails, I must stay the course. Consistency is the key to major success.

I share these ABCs with you to help you remember that all you need is the right ATTITUDE, unshakable BELIEF in you, and to stay CONSISTENT in working the plan and it will all work out for you.

For more on how to shift your mindset with this ABC plan, schedule a complimentary Clarity call, and let’s see how Coach Rosie can help you!


Until Next Time,
Coach Rosie 

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