Triggered Trauma Memory

Triggered Trauma Memory

Did you know that trauma that is not dealt with is stored in your body? *insert shocked face* Right, let’s give that a second to sink in. Because I bet you never really thought about where it goes. You probably thought…”out of sight, out of mind”. Well, not so much. The trauma that you do not deal with is stored in your body. 


Unprocessed trauma can be triggered at the most inconvenient time….not that there is ever really a time for trauma memories to be triggered, but I hope you get the gist of what I am saying. 


Have you found yourself:


• unable to sleep

•racing heartbeat

•easily startled or feeling on edge 



•feeling suicidal 

• exhausted

• aches and pains  


Believe it or not, these are some of the symptoms that can be present when you have unprocessed trauma stored in your body. Bottom line is that the memory of this trauma has to go somewhere and when it is unprocessed, it’s going to find a place in your body. 


Let me share a few things that you can do when you have a triggered trauma memory. This is not an all-inclusive list, but it is a place to start to get you on the road to a healthier way of dealing with trauma. 


Work through the emotions – permit yourself to work through what you are feeling and be patient with yourself. 


Move your body – this releases endorphins and allows your body to shift the response you may be headed towards. 


Ground yourself – using the grounding technique gives you the chance to come back to your present by tapping into and being aware of your senses by placing the sole of your feet or palm of your hands to the ground or as close to Earth as you can. The idea is to receive a natural electrical charge from the Earth. When you’re unable to go outside, grounding can be done inside using grounding mats, sheets, or socks that can be found on Amazon


Go outside – breathing in the fresh air can instantly provide you with a clean energetic burst. 


Find support – accountability partner(s) or a group of people you feel comfortable with and you have access to in those moments of triggered memories. Working with a therapist or counselor can also provide support.


If we are being honest with ourselves, trauma leaves an imprint on us.  Whether we want to admit it or not, trauma can be unshakable if we do not process the experience. Understanding that you are not alone in the processing of what has happened to you, can be the first step to healthier living. This pandemic that we are currently living through is a great example of how trauma affects each of us. While we may not have lost someone personally, this virus has claimed so many lives that we are all consciously and subconsciously affected by it. 


Give yourself the chance to heal. Speak about the trauma. Consider trying some of the previously suggested ways to cope when you have a triggered trauma memory and see what good can come from it. You should never allow yourself to suffer in silence. 


Until Next Time, 

Coach Rosie

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