Small Wins, Where?

Small Wins, Where?

As we conclude the celebration of women’s history month, I want to celebrate the work that has been put in by a special lady.

You see, it all started with the declaration of a pandemic which caused her to sit with herself and ask herself and answer some hard questions.

Questions such as how she wanted to come out of this pandemic? Did she want to start living the life that she was purposed and destined to live?

Did she have a desire to make an impact? Did she desire to just keep doing enough to “survive” and merely exist? One of the hardest questions she had to answer was, what happens if she doesn’t make a change? The bottom line, did she want to come out of this pandemic the same way she went into it? Or did she want to be a better version of herself?

She wanted, no she needed this change. As one of her dearest sister-friends once said, she began to “feel like spoiled milk”. *insert yucky face*

She identified what and how she was going to move in purpose and she ran with it. She realized that so many people or things could and would be against her, but she pushed to thrive. Doors opened for her, connections were made and before she realized it, she continued to put herself out there to follow the life she was gifted.

If you haven’t already figured it out, she is me and I am her! This road hasn’t been the easiest but, I keep pushing because it is fulfilling and rewarding. I keep pushing because every time a client says to me, thank you for being my safe place, thank you for listening, thank you for helping me change the way I look at myself….it all becomes clearer that God called me for this life and that pushes me to keep going.

Now, I share this with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you that while you may not understand how never give up on your purpose. I tell every coaching client….”there are no small wins, we celebrate them all”!!!!

So, if for Women’s History Month, you didn’t celebrate you, take the time right now to do so. Coach Rosie celebrates you! Allow yourself the opportunity to revel in everything you have accomplished towards your goals.

Drop me a line and share your accomplishment(s)!  I would love to celebrate with you!

Until Next Time,
It’s Coach Rosie  

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