Do You Have a Driver or Passenger Mindset?

It’s the fulfillment for me! There is a different type of feeling that you get when you are walking and living in purpose. The way you get up out of bed in the morning. The way you show up looks different, the way you do everything changes.

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic and being in quarantine, I experienced a mindset shift. A long-overdue shift. You see, for so long, I was living in complacency. I was operating on autopilot because it was comfortable, it didn’t require me to think or be different. I moved in the direction others expected me to move and I did just enough to make sure every check box was marked. All the while, there was no fulfillment from any of the things and roles I was playing in life. #PassengerMindset

Enter the coronavirus that put the world on pause. At that moment, I got to sit with myself and do a self-evaluation. I took an inventory of my life and asked myself the hard questions. Are you living a purposed life, Rosie? Are you living the abundant life that you were promised and is bestowed on you? The answer to both questions, was no. It was time for Mindset Rehab.

I changed the way I thought about everything and the way I showed up in every role I had in life. I even released myself of roles that were no longer serving who I am or wanted to be. There were a lot of “growing pains”, but it has been worth it.

The peace I have of living my truths and in MY God-given purpose is indescribable. I live, laugh, and love differently and I am enjoying it.

What am I saying to you? I’m simply saying, take a pause and do a self-evaluation. Are the things you are doing today, serving you? Are the identities that you wear, truly you? Are you living a life that has been assigned to you by someone else? Or, are you living a purposed life on purpose?

So, I ask you again, do you have a driver or passenger mindset?

Till next time,
Coach Rosie

  1. Wow!!. The website is absolutely amazing. So proud of you. I know you will be a blessings to all you serve.

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